From our front row seat, nestled in the reeds on the edge of this high mountain lake amphitheatre, we wait.


Mt. Adams looms huge behind us, but hidden now, in the dark, with only starlight to play on the slopes.  Ahead, a full moon rising, infusing the thick billows of clouds that are rolling on the horizon with an eerie orange glow. The clouds move swiftly, flinging streamers of mist, like giant ghost fingers reaching for another dimension, changing constantly, black grey interweaving, looking like smoke from a distant fire, coming closer, then receding - the tension is great, the wait is long, as finally the giant orange ball emerges, peeking through the spires of trees, shining like the sun at night, shining like no moon should ever shine. Slowly it creeps higher, silhouetting the spires, mirroring itself on the black satin water - an experience no words can truly tell, no camera could ever capture. It takes our breath away.  


(August 20, 1997  -  10:00 P.M.)

Collector's Nursery,16804 NE102nd Ave, Battle Ground, WA 98604, 360-574-3832 / dianar@collectorsnursery.com